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It's new, but it's moving along...

Yes, at the time of this website building the Dirtwalker Outdoors podcast is new, might be technically deficient, but it's getting there. Follow along as this podcast grows into exactly what it needs to be as it features incredible guest interviews with wonderful and inspiring men and women who love and live for the outdoors.

For lovers of adventure

Hikers, climbers, paddlers, and all outdoor adventurers!

Do you long for mountains and the summit views?

Rocky trails ascending above the tree line?

Whitewater rolling around your paddle?

Desert scenery out the window of your four wheel drive?

Hiking and backpacking with friends?

Then you have come to the right podcast!

Trail Talk

Just one of the segments of the podcast

Are you ready for a long walk of a few thousand miles living out of your ultralight backpack? Or, maybe spend your weekends backpacking sections of a major trail? Trail Talk, a new segment of the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast is here for you.

Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of people every year lace up their hiking boots or trail runners and take to the hiking and backpacking trails to enjoy the wonders of nature and the peace of the outdoors. Dirtwalker Outdoors exists to be part of that. This podcast is dedicated to the hiking friends we already have, and the hiking friends we haven't made yet. The Trail Talk segment is for you, the hiker. The hiking culture is growing across the United States and the rest of the world and these hiking trails and natural resources we all love require our protection and stewardship. Dirtwalker Outdoors, the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast, and the Trail Talk podcast segment exist to assist in maintaining the wonders of nature for all to enjoy.

Trail Talk features hikers, backpackers, thru-hikers, trail angels, and trail gurus in discussions, updates, and telling stories of what we all love, our amazing major trails. It is a segment of this podcast designed with something for every hiker to want to listen to.


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