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Dirtwalker Outdoors and the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast is about celebrating the outdoors and a natural way of life. The Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast highlights hikers, backpackers, mountaineers, climbers, canoe and kayak trippers, wilderness guides, skydivers, survival experts, and all other adventurers that take enjoyment of our natural resources and the outdoors to the next level because we enjoy all of these activities ourselves.

Who is featured on the Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast?

These are just a few examples of the types of adventurers we feature on the podcast.

Survival Experts

Every single person on the face of this spinning rock called earth can have an interest in learning more about the principles of survival and self reliance. The survival experts and instructors interviewed on the podcast segment, Survival Sunday, are willing to share their survival knowledge and experience with any that are ready to learn.


The outdoor adventure of overlanding has grown immensely in popularity in recent years all across the globe. These adventurous vehicle-supported guests on the Adventure Seekers segment of the podcast tell the rest of us about the best overland trails, off road techniques, gear, and vehicle modifications that might allow the rest of us to follow in the tracks of their four wheel drive. Leaving No Trace, of course.

Canoe/Kayak Trippers

Many of the greatest stories of adventure in history included a trip in a canoe or kayak. Rivers beckon to those who feel the call of the water and the freedom of the paddle. Whether it be by river, creek, lake, bay, or ocean, these podcast guests endure hardship to find next level excitement in their canoes, kayaks, whitewater rafts, packrafts, and rowboats. No motor power here. It is all about the paddling, or rowing.

Wilderness Guides

Wilderness guides rarely receive the credit they deserve, or the pay. Yet they continue to pursue their career for what? The adventure. Listen to these amazing people tell stories and share insight into what it takes to not only get to your ideal backcountry destination, but how to arrive safely. 


Who doesn't love hiking and backpacking? This podcast will feature hikers, backpackers, and thru hikers from all over the world showcasing and discussing major trails and destinations of both the Adventure Seekers podcast segment as well as the Trail Talk podcast segment. If you are a weekend hiker, section hiker, or live out of a backpack, this podcast is the place for you.


There exists a special place in the hearts and minds of everyone for those incredible people among us who set foot on a mountain only to climb to the summit. Legends are born and stories told for generations about the heights and feats of these special podcast guests. You won't want to miss a single one.

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