The Dirtwalker Outdoors Podcast is divided into three unique and exciting podcast segments. The Adventure Seekers weekly podcast segment highlights those few adventurous outdoor men and women who take challenges to the next level. Survival Sunday, another weekly podcast segment, introduces survival experts and instructors, while Trail Talk, is a weekly podcast segment centered around hiking, backpacking, and the major hiking trails.

Adventure Seekers

Listen to those who take 
adventure to the next level.

Don't we all love an outstanding and exciting adventure? On this weekly podcast segment you can listen to a new adventurer every week detailing the risks and rewards of expeditions, outdoor challenges, and what it takes to complete an outdoor adventure whether on dirt, stone, ice, air, or water. This podcast segment highlights those few for whom adventure isn't a weekend hobby. It is a lifestyle. 

Survival Sunday

Learn the principles of survival

The most necessary tool in survival is knowledge. Each Survival Sunday podcast episode is a lesson of discovery. Guests of the podcast segment are survival experts and instructors willing to share their knowledge and experience with the listener. This segment will also introduce survival schools and special events that listeners interested in learning more of the art of survival may participate in.

Trail Talk

A podcast hub for hikers and backpackers

If you have stepped your hiking boots or trail runners into hiking or backpacking, you are probably hooked for life. In this weekly podcast segment hikers, backpackers, thru hikers, trail angels, and trail gurus discuss, update, and explain the logistics, wonders, fun, and follies of the major hiking trails. If your backpack is packed, you won't want to miss any episode of this podcast segment. 

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